external image pasted_image_at_2015_11_12_04_41.pngCategory: commercial, recreation, some food/medical use, balesh
Size: 1 sq mile?
Condition: overgrown,
Inhabitants: Domoring flora and fauna mixed with balesh "flora"
Workers: researchers, biome maintainers/park rangers...

The Domoring Biosphere is one of the four baleen organs within Unaccountable Chariot. It contains a small ecosystem composed of Domoring flora and fauna in the form of a park. While some of the flora is the barleen produced naturally by the balesh, for the most part it is a small and very managed ecosystem. It provides certain spices, herbs, fungi, and other organic materials used by the Domoring for various foods, medicines or other functions are available.

It also primarily serves as a scenic space for the baleshi residents to view and relax. People are allowed inside the park after a proper cleaning and health inspection. The maximum capacity of visitors is typically around 75 at a time and all visitors are kept track up by the rangers/maintainers of the park so that everyone remains safe and no plants or animals are stolen. Many enjoy spending time in the closest location to being outside on a planet's surface, complete with a sort of false sunlight. All guests are cleaned upon leaving. There is a small shop through which visitors enter and exit.

Overall, the biospheres function like a combination of zoo and wildlife park. Most of these plants and animals were brought aboard whenever the Domoring boarded the baleshi long ago and have been maintained ever since.