Ccolquitt-ga-miller-county-agriculture-farm-warehouse-coker-hybrids-corn-sign-pictures-photo-copyright-brian-brown-vanishing-south-georgia-usa-2011.jpgategory: Industrial Location
Size: Small, one room building
Condition: dingy and dirty
Inhabitants: Dose Mixers

Doses 4 All started as soon as the shortage of medicine occurred. Herbs like cilantro, basil, mint, and ginger are placed in large bowls containing alcohol and water then boiled and left to sit for a week. After the week the tinctures are poured into old plastic bottles and are then sold to shops.

The building leans to the left and water seeps into the ground outside leaving mud and weeds. The wooden building is fleshy and it is a wonder it still stands. The door is usually left open to allow the smoke to clear out. Upon entering the building one can smell a plethora of herbs as their eyes tear from grey smoke. Feet sink the freshly laid plants that line the floor deeper into the mud. Smoke billows out from under the 20 large metal bowls with blackened bottoms that sit on top the fires. Each fireplace is dug a foot into the ground and lined with stones. In one corner is a horde of plastic bottles, and along the wall are rusty shelves that hold the finished product ready to be distributed. Another corner keeps the fuel for the fire: a mix of wood and trash.