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Name: Doug
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Archetype: Vendor
Location: The Crockpot Stop
Affiliations: None
Disposition: Hurried

Character Background and Description

“Doug” of Doug’s crockpot shop, no one really knows too much about him. Even his real age isn’t actually known. It’s presumed that he’s somewhat older than “36,” but no one dares ask. Besides, everyone seems to age differently, unlike before the disease where the average age was closer to 80. He’s tall and wiry, with white hair, and a dark, leathery complexion, giving him the appearance of either mixed race, or too many years in the sun. Doug always seems a bit nervous when you talk to him, like he’s been stabbed in the back before, and he never let’s people get too close. That doesn’t mean he’s not a nice guy, just a little hurried at times. He’ll never stop to chat during the busy times of the day: lunchtime around noon, and again around five when people are heading home from work. Catch him any other time of the day, and he’ll gladly make conversation with you about the weather. Doug tends to avoid speaking about his personal life, or others’, but talks for hours about the various methods of cooking that he’s used throughout his life, always ending with the crockpots he makes a living off of today. Even while talking, he maintains his nervous tics.
Rumors circulate about why Doug is the way he is, and some very old townspeople have vague memories of him before the crockpot shop. The stories go that he was once happily married to the love of his life, and never stopped smiling. He would go to work, wherever that was, and she would too, but come home early enough to cook them both dinner, so that by the time Doug was off work, they would enjoy their food and sit and talk and laugh long into the night. Then one week they screwed up, and found out they were going to have a kid, even though the powers that be advised against it. They had the son, and were managing fairly well, until one day Doug came home to an empty, ransacked house. He took up cooking to fill the void in his life, and started his crockpot shop, and became the hurried man he is today.