Tuesday's sun was beginning to set over the broken town. Petey had already finished his last repairs for the night, feeling accomplished as the old bus' engine had roared to life once again. Petey's coworkers had again invited him to Dugal's Bar or even to Garaway's but again, Petey refused. It wasn't for lack of interest of course, he would love a nice drink or even to throw away some of his hard earned pay, but his second job took precedent.

He hated how long the deliveries kept him out but the work was steady and Raina was a kind boss. Petey made the quick walk to the Rainwater Shanty and prepared for his shift.

"Okay sweetie, today's list is a bit longer than usual but it won't change your path too much."

Petey inspected the clipboard Raina handed him, inspecting the unfamiliar locations.

"How did last night's deliveries go?" Petey asked

"Smooth as can be!" Raina replied. "Haven't had any incidents since you boys did the work on the truck."

She was right, the reinforcement of the glass and double plating of the metal that Tony had us do had paid off in spades. About a week and a half ago a band of vigilantes had tried to hit the van but after numerous failed attempts, they had slunk back into the shadows with nothing to show for their efforts. While Raina clearly felt that the vigilantes had given up, Petey was not nearly as confident.

"What does the delivery schedule look like?" Petey asked. Raina handed him the clipboard she was holding as a response. After a moment, she added "A bit longer than usual but nothing that should take you off of the usual path. 'Petey reviewed the new locations on the schedule while he prepped the truck for the night. He double checked the contents of the truck and made sure he had all the water necessary to complete his route. Raina handed Petey the keys to the truck and he departed eager to get through his work. Petey made several stops near the Shanty and then proceeded to the industrial sector. After a brief stop at the Skyhawk Maintenance field Petey began the portion of his route in the slums.

On the very edge of the slums, his first stop was his own home. Raina looked out for her courier and she insisted that each of them deliver their own water to the door of wherever they called home. This was to prevent making the already dangerous journey back through town safer by not hauling a case of water for all to see.

Petey opened the door to his small house and carefully set the heavy collection of various water bottles on the counter. Taniya closed the door behind him and gave him a small peck on the cheek. She beamed at him and he counted his blessings that she had fallen into his life. He recalled waiting in line to purchase his mothers hydroplague medicine, making the breathtaking women in front of him laugh with a bad joke about it being faster to find and steal hydravir then stand in this line yet again.