external image fireextinguisher_powder_fxp9_2_.jpg
Category: Industrial
Size: Handheld, 1-2 feet tall
Weight: Under 10 lbs when full
Value: A commodity for residential areas, but a must have in industrial areas to prevent fires

In a world where water is either too scarce to waste, or too toxic to spray with reckless abandon to extinguish a fire, a dry powder fire extinguisher provides a safe alternative. Kitchens, carpentry studios and manufacturing districts are all at risk of starting fires, and without access to sprinkler systems or fire fighters using fire hydrants, their alternative comes in the form of dry powder fire extinguishers. They function nearly identically to normal fire extinguishers, but instead of choking the oxygen out of a fire, it instead separates the fire from the available oxygen in the atmosphere and smothers the fire out.