Category: Commercial
Size: Quarter of a block
Condition: Maintained but ratty
Inhabitants: Dugal, up to 5 other workers, up to another 8 in the back.


Classic dirty dive bar. Water may be expensive but at least there's alcohol. The staff manages to have a steady stream of booze but don't expect the same thing every night, and you take the good with the bad here. Dugal runs the night shift and doesn't take the rowdy type very well. He was once a vigilante and is still registered as one, so if you cause trouble, you'll be looking down the barrel of a vigilante grade shotgun. If you manage to stay on Dugal's good side, he might invite you to the back room. Here you can pick a partner for the night, for the right price of course. In Dugal's back room you can mate with whatever race you prefer and it is common for same race individuals to find themselves together. Society may frown on it but Dugal's doesn't judge. Just don't go and tell anyone about it, Dugal doesn't need any heat from the mayor.