sample_pc.pngscottish guy.jpgName: Dugal McPherson
Age: 43
Sex: Male
Archetype: Bar owner and Bartender
Location: Dugal's Bar
Affiliations: Dugal's Bar
Disposition: Irreverent

Character Background and Description
From a young age, Dugal had been taught to question authority and not take orders from anybody. His life has been a living embodiment of these ideals, doing whatever he needs to do to get ahead, working only for himself. As someone without the severe reaction to the plague that haunted other residents of Columbus, he found this fairly easy. As a teenager Dugal became a vigilante when he saw the potential for power and money. During his early years in this profession Dugal was ruthless. He would take any job that paid well, and did what he had to do to get it done. Jobs where he betrayed one employer to another came up on occasion and he didn't seem to mind. Although he won't brag about these exploits, he isn't afraid to tell you if he's asked. As he entered his adulthood, the rugged fiery haired man used the money he had earned on these contracts to open a bar. He made the decision to continue being a vigilante to maintain his authority (and keep his weapons permit) so that he could personally maintain order on the job. At the now christened Dugal's bar, he was able to make a living for himself pouring drinks and removing the occasional drunk from his establishment. After a year or so of being a law abiding citizen, Dugal's ambition grew and he realized there was a chance to expand his influence. In the bars expansive back room, Dugal opened a "Judgement free brothel" where anyone could find a partner of any ethnicity or gender for the night. Dugal didn't care who you chose, so long as you paid and didn't cause trouble. While he runs the risk of being caught by the mayor, he seems not to be afraid of the risk. After all, he still has his guns, and still has his money.