dusty.jpegName: Dusty McPherson
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Archetype: Pastor
Location: Good Words Fellowship
Affiliations: Middle class, Ruling class
Disposition: strict, moody, confident

Character Background and Description
Dusty is a pastor for Good Words Fellowship , though he only got the position by being the old pastor's son. He is a tall, lanky, stubbly man who consistently looks overworked, unshaven and overtired. Married with 2 teenage kids, and with a newborn on the way, Dusty struggles with the time to take care of both his church and his family - who often go neglected. Dusty keeps in contact with the ruling class, and makes many deals with them to keep their beliefs and rumor mill going. For this reason, he is somewhat rich, able to sustain himself pretty well in the middle class. Many of his beliefs don’t really align with the Church, but he keeps up the facade because he doesn’t really have any other skills and is terrified of what might become of him if he lived out his real dreams. His health is pretty average: though he doesn't have the Plague, he does have other deficiencies, such as a low blood sugar problem, and a slight limp. It is almost impossible to get medication for it at this point, and he is often going through mood swings, and speaks with outbursts of fear and rage to the congregation. Despite his general disposition, Dusty mostly speaks with conviction and confidence, making him a good leader - and extremely strict father.