Category: Weapon
Size: About 3 feet in lengthexternal image hand_w_full_prod_hi_res_cut_out_BLA_D0DD0EE6EED16.jpg?dimensions=450x342
Weight: 5 lbs.
Value: Uncommon

Electric Suppressors are old world cattle prods re-purposed and used by members of The Ward, the guards who escort the resources while they go from place to place. They are a standard issue for any member and have an extra battery pack mounted on the handle to make the shock from the weapon more deadly. This does make the weapon more imbalanced when being used and forces many guards to hold it more like a heavy spear. Some guards choose to remove the battery pack completely, sacrificing the larger charge for a more balanced weapon. They are not seen much outside of The Ward's ranks, however one or two could be out on the black market.