Name: Ella Havelock6503240-Young-women-has-her-arms-crossed-She-is-of-mixed-race-Wearing-a-brown-suit-and-has-long-brown-hair-H-Stock-Photo.jpg
Age: 42
Sex: Female
Archetype: Upper-class, negotiator
Location: The Tower
Affiliations: Ruling elite, negotiating with Vivian Greenwich
Disposition: Haughty

Character Background and Description
Pretty and waifish despite her age, Ella is an experienced negotiator and diplomat. She has spent the last few years at The Tower attempting to convince Vivian to relinquish her land in exchange for supplies and a share of the water purification business. She is unmarred by the hydroplague, marking her as one of the upper class, and is assumed to be immune. Ella’s hands are unworn from a life of relative luxury and comfort in her wealthy family’s home.

She harbors a private distaste for Vivian’s “garbage empire” and the filth that live there, but she has been told that the position is tactically indispensable, so she tries to keep her disgust hidden (but often fails). Ella also tries to avoid interacting with any non-essential personnel in order to keep her hands clean (none of them will remain there when she succeeds) both metaphorically and literally.

Her possessions include a personal supply of food, clean water, and medicine (for bartering). Although her stash is locked in her quarters, it seems to be dwindling more quickly than it should...

Ella is very proud of her skills in negotiation and has vowed not to return home until she convinces Vivian to accept her terms.