Cruined warehouse.jpgategory: Ruins

Size: Large, pre-plague industrial building
Condition: Effectively condemned
Inhabitants: Only the dead and their belongings

Once the site of a sanitation department, these incredibly dangerous ruins are proof of society's fragility. When water started killing people, riots began all across the nation and violence was frequently directed at those who treated it. The "End of Days Mausoleum" is where one such riot happened, scores poisoned and killed from exposure to the infected water. Those who died inside are still trapped there to this day, along with plenty of abandoned technology. However, the rotten wood, rusted steel, and pervasive stench of unfiltered sewage act as excellent deterrents to looters. The very earth around the building remains toxic and uninhabitable, but a small, determined faction is intent on recovering some of the equipment. These people, who call themselves "Delvers", make a trade by finding and restoring artifacts from before the hydroplague.