Category: Residential / Cultural
Size: Large Sky Scrapper
Condition: Old but well maintained
Inhabitants: Students, Faculty, Visiting Guests


Within Primarch Eternal rests the Etran Grand Library, a facility dedicated to the constant strive to aid others in reaching further enlightenment. The library functions as both a record keeping facility as well as a school to aid in the education of young residents of not only Primarch Eternal, but all other Baleshi who travel with it. The large building houses not only an array of various records and classes, but also a home to both the staff and student boarders.

Within their time in the Library students are required to aid in both the creation of new works of art, as well as learning means to do so themselves. The years spent within the Library’s walls are set to end for each student once they have learned enough and are able to create their first Shi’ Adoma; which also serves as a right of passage into adulthood.

The Library is always open to all seeking to learn from the records of the Baleshi’s travels, the donated pieces of knowledge and art, as well as one day possibly donate their own before their time comes.