Category: Location (Primal Eternal)
Size: HUGE!
Condition: Organized mess PoppyLRF.jpg
Inhabitants: Most citizens

The Exalt Exhibition is week long spiritual event held on the Alpha Balesh to celebrate science, art, and religion of the Baleshi culture is a crowded, fun event held in the Primal Eternal. The event takes place within the The Grand Antechamber and the Respiratory hub, with free transportation provided between both locations. It exists to praise the Balesh and honor the hard work of the collective. Year round everyone excitedly prepares their elaborate exhibits, art pieces, and their scientific research for display at the fair. You must get your exhibition approved to make sure it is in alliance with the Balesh culture. Many of these exhibitions are about honoring the Balesh or showing ways they are helping the community. It is considered strange if you do not attend or participate in the fair because it is based in community and the deep roots of religion. Music is played by various groups throughout. Many people camp out with their families for this event, not wanting to miss out on anything exciting.


Baleshi Dreams - example art piece