Category: Civic
Size: two-stories, large
Condition: old and mossy, but in decent condition otherwise. The interior is covered in sand and dirt.
Inhabitants: firefighters and volunteer sand/dirt collectors

This old, mossy, brick building still serves the function it was built for. It is a fire house. The only thing that has changed is the method of putting out fires. The firefighters are forbidden to risk using toxic water that could spray bystanders. They instead use sand or dirt to attempt to bury the fire, especially if it is a smaller fire. As a result, this fire house is crammed with containers filled with sand and dirt that was collected by the firefighters and volunteers.

At any given time, there are always at least two firefighters at the house, unless they are out on call putting out a fire. If someone needs help putting out a fire, they will come here themselves or will send someone to alert the firefighters. It is against the law to not alert the firefighters, because there have been incidents in the past where people have died trying to put out a fire themselves rather than getting the firefighters’ help. If a fire gets too big, firefighters’ main job is to keep the bystanders away from the fire and to beat back smaller fires that spring up around the major fire. The firefighters will also risk their own lives running into a burning building to save anyone who may not have been able to get out of the building on their own. However, they decide to do rescues based on how big the blaze is and whether the burning building still appears structurally sound.