Category: Numinum Pillion
Size: About the size of Gannet
Condition: Clean, Well Kept
Inhabitants: Acolytes, Apprentices, Monksexternal image 15441_fe60f5a918ad7a5ac6a8a65ca01250f8_large.jpg

Situated near the center of Numinum, Fort Wentee is the training ground for all who wish to train to become monks. Few are inducted into the program, and even fewer are allowed to reach monk status. Many who fail to become monks take up positions as Acolytes, assisting the monks and the Elder Monk in their service to Niminum and its visitors.

The apprenticeship is known for its brutally long hours of religious learning, practices, and expectations from all of its students. Those who come only for the psychotropic gas find themselves quickly weeded out.