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Category: Residential/Defensive (weaponized)
Size: Has the interior space of a large-family residential living quarters
Condition: Fairly new, well-kept, weapons neatly organized
Inhabitants: Vasso Gra'al, Arorem and Human water farmers

Fount Fortifus was founded by Vasso Gra'al, one of the only Machento present on Aqua Fount. After a fateful discovery whilst draining cysts from within the Aqua Productio Facility, he came upon a deposit of a suspicious solid from within the cyst that detonates upon being introduced to physically stress. He refers to them as Globulus Grenades, and has since began a secret grenade harvesting guild with his fellow water farmers, if ever the occasion were to arise where he and the Aqua Fount residents would have to defend themselves against the UNSF. As such, Vasso Gra'al transformed his large residential living quarters into a secret armory where he stockpiles Globnades, melee weapons, and Baleshi-crafted artillery. Fount Fortifus is the premier supplier for all Baleshi weaponry, as Vasso has tasked many Arorem members of the guild to travel from Balesh to Balesh, secretly supplying its residents with weapons should war ever break loose.