Name: Gabriel Morales
Age: 49
Sex: Male
Archetype: Firefighter
Location: Fire House
Affiliations: firefighters, his family
Disposition: Gullible

Character Background and Description

Gabriel has always been fond of stories. As a child, he loved cops and robbers and playing house with his older sisters. But he was just as happy being alone. He could sit for hours talking to his teddy bear and telling it all sorts of elaborate tales of aliens and unicorns and time machines. His mother encouraged him and would play along with his fantasies. As he grew older, his stories became more along the lines of government conspiracies and tall tales. Much to his mother’s shock, he met the woman who would become his wife through one of his conspiracy theories. He was telling a group of friends about how he believed the government could reverse the apocalypse when a lovely woman approached and listened to him finish his tirade. She asked him out for drinks after and the two forged a fast bond over storytelling and conspiracies. A year after they met, he and Sofia were married.

They had six kids together, three boys and three girls. Gabriel’s penchant for being easily scared and swayed meant that he was the favorite parent of his kids, especially when they were young. They loved telling their dad that the moon was made of blue cheese, and having him believe it way more than they did.

Gabriel became a firefighter chiefly because it was easier for him than anything else he had tried in his life. He had always been a strong guy, so lifting heavy buckets of sand or dirt wasn’t a problem for him. When he isn’t putting out fires, Gabriel will sit outside the Fire House and regale anyone who passes by with his latest conspiracy theory.

Gabriel is very much a family man. His biggest fear in life is that some or all of his family will contract the hydroplague, which they have luckily avoided so far. He is convinced that the government created the hydroplague to wipe out “undesirable” races. Thus, he has convinced his wife to boil all of their water, even though that diminishes their water rations. He has never contracted the hydroplague himself, and he hopes his children have some immunity to it because of him.