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Category: Cultural (recreational, artistic)
Size: 100 meters x 100 meters
Condition: Relatively new, and clean, despite the nature of the activity there
Inhabitants: Primarily Domoring, participants/patrons of all species are welcome

Galleria Fervidus is a Domoring "gallery" located in the Respiratory Hub of Primarch Eternal. "Galleries," as many use as the term to describe these public displays of performance art, mean something quite different for the Domoring. The promiscuous, libidinous species craft art out of sex, wherein said "galleries" are essentially a Domoring orgy on a glistening stage. The swirling intermingling of gaseous colors that the Domoring give off during sex is the primary aesthetic aspect on display. Moreover, their secretions created during this act are then taken and sculpted on the spot and placed on pedestals behind the gallery stage. Wandering, watching patrons may also become participants by joining the artists onstage. The colors and secretions made are much more abstract and fetching if the Domoring intermingle with other species, therefore audience participation is highly encouraged, making it a place for interactive art.