32137e2e6ae0f6b4dd2abd7d06135e33.jpgThe Red-Light District

Also known as the Twists, Garago was created by a group of veterans from the Lumen. It was originally just a solar-shielded bar operating a few miles from the fleet and mining facilities down on the asteroid, putting it technically outside the zone of UNSF regulation. Eventually though, through a series of events that involved an old starship engine core, roughly two tons of Baleshi vapor, two thirds of the fleet population, one third of the Baleshi population, and more favors than one woman should be able to call in, Garago became the sprawling web of "respectable trade" it's known as today.

The name comes from the old astro legend of a wondrous city left behind by a race of hyper-advanced, nomadic builders. Its wealth, scale, and beauty are exaggerated with each retelling. Going off of the cobbled together appearance of buildings in the district, it's easy to grasp the wry humor of its founders.

The Bar

The original bar still exists at the heart of the web, crewed by the veterans. Although it looks significantly better than the ramshackle mess it used to be, it still manages to bring in roughly the same kind of element. Kat Norbiq is in charge of the bar, and is, incidentally, also responsible for the creation of the entire district, though she rarely throws this fact around.

The Culture

A place where people from both groups can congregate and experience each other's culture, though tensions are high.

Garago contains a marketplace where goods and services can be exchanged between the military and amongst the different space whales. The marketplace consists of stalls out of which goods are bartered. Some goods and services are simply bartered in the narrow alleys between stalls wherever two people meet and like what the other has to offer. Garago has a subsection known as the Black Market, though it does also have legal goods. The Baleshi tend to sell their art, produce, and gas to the military. The military tend to sell technology, leisure items, and their more interesting foods.

Some people in the Garago farm the blue lichen that grows inside the asteroid. They barter it at a high value because it is so delicious and scarce. It tastes like chocolate and peanut-butter. They grow it within caverns near Garago, then bring it to Garago to sell.

There is also a small amphitheater carved near the outskirts of Garago, which is used for musical performances, military shows of strength such as wrestling and performances, plays, and so on.

There are checkpoints at the exits for the military and the whales, to ensure that the opposing parties don't try to get into each other's ships/whales. During times of high tension, Garago becomes a particularly dangerous place to be and it is advised to travel in groups there if travel is necessary.