Category: Commercial

Garaway's is a place near the middle of Columbus, where all of its citizens can gather and try their luck at the roulette wheel or poker table. It was founded roughly eighty years ago, by a women known only as Annie. Her reasons for founding the establishment, or why she named it Garaway's, were only known to her closest friends.

The casino is one of the few establishments that have managed to survive past its founding generation, in part due its role as a vital node in the town's black market. There are quite a few members of the higher caste that owe favors to the proprietors of Garaway's, as they usually go there to conduct business dealings that others of their caste might not look favorably upon.

The main currency used here is medication, because it's easy to manage and exchange, and has a high value per unit. Other items are offered up as well, but usually as an exchange for that medication.