Age: 19
Sex: Male
Archetype: Beggar, crazy person
Location: The Open Market, where he tends to wander
Health: Very Ill
Disposition: Self-defacing, lonely, aggressive

Character Background and Description
Goyle was named after gargoyles, terrifying, hideous monsters made of stone. It's a good representation of what his parents thought of him when he was born, his skin pale and gray and already covered in bruises and lesions. Disgusted at the sight of him, his mother locked him away in a small room, which is arguably better than where he ended up. He was thrown a scrap of food every day along with a small cup of water, but nothing more than that. He was not given medicine, sunlight, or human interaction.

As he grew older, Goyle had trouble expressing his emotions and thoughts with the little language he had picked up from listening through the walls. He became very aggressive, irritated at his inability to interact with whatever was beyond his dark room. As a child, he tried to get attention by banging on the walls with his fists, later his feet and head. By the time he reached the stage of throwing himself against the door with his whole body and screeching, his mother decided she was done taking care of him. She opened the door, but wasn't ready when he lunged at her and began to claw and bite. Her screams eventually ended, and thirteen year old Goyle was free.

Of course, he had nowhere to go. He began to sit on the side of the street, shaking and growling. Sometimes people would throw him a scrap of food he would stuff into his mouth hideously, but oftentimes he searched the trash for food. Over the years he has picked up a few more words, but his vocabulary is still very limited. With no way to get attention and nobody to interact with still, he began to panic. In addition to his dull skin and lesions from the disease, he has accumulated a number of scars, cuts, and bruises from defacing himself with whatever he could find. Many people at the Open Market have taken pity on him, and he often wanders around there in hope for food or anything to ease his pain.