Category: Medical
Size: The bud of the flower is about the length of a human hand. The stem of the flower is very short - about the length of a human pinky.
Weight: lightweight, somewhat fragile
Value: uncommon bordering on rare

Within the small thickets of wild plants on the surface of the asteroid, there can be found a grey flower growing in clumps of no more than three buds at a time in any section. This flower has been named a Gracie, owing to its ability to heal. The Gracie has been discovered to have certain medicinal properties, the greatest of which is that it can cure most birth defects in babies before they are born. It has also been shown to alleviate some symptoms of birth defects after babies are born, but it does not cure them after birth. It must first be made into a paste which can be ingested by the expectant mother, or ingested by the infant if it has already been born. Fortunately, only a small amount of paste is needed to have the desired effect, so each flower usually produces enough paste for about five people to ingest. The paste is very bitter and may inspire gagging or outright vomiting, so it is recommended to take it by holding one’s nose or drinking a fluid with it to wash it down. The paste only needs to be ingested once in order to have the healing effects take place.

This flower is chiefly found and bartered on the asteroid, but scientists on both the UNSF and the Baleshi are trying to find ways to grow the Gracie flower on their respective space vessels. So far, neither side has been successful in growing it themselves, but the Baleshi think they are close to finding a way to grow it.