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Category: Religious
Size: Medium, restaurant sized
Condition: Renovated
Inhabitants: 1, "collectionist"/priest
Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=z-bprCACugw0.k8M3FrhgHs6c&ll=41.4296%2C-97.3623

This structure is a religious building located in the lower class and industrial district. It's not quite a church, but it does hold regular meetings. As many of the newer generation don't really worship the Caduceus as a god, they tend not to gather together for communal worship and don't feel the need to practice and spread their faith aggressively. But many still believe and so they will often come to the Grain Bin to give offerings in return for

Grain Bin is a very interesting building, with the main room having a grain bin roof, though it was very obviously never used to store grain as it is a very short grain bin. Whatever it used to be in the past is long forgotten, the only piece that remains of the original building is the alter itself, a sturdy wood and metal bent counter built into the floor. Interestingly, there are multiple taps that extend from the counter. These taps are rigged up to water vats in the back of the facility and are used in gatherings, for worshipers to receive a drink blessed by
Caduceus as par of worship. Many come alone to say their prayers or ask for blessings, adding their offerings of food or handmade crafts or small amounts of material in exchange.

The "collectionist" of Grain Bin acts as a sort of intermediary or guardian of these offerings, and will distribute them through the community however they see fit. Grain Bin is located in the south side of the city on the outskirts. It is uncertain how clean the water actually is, but to the many poor in this area, almost any water is acceptable and many have found small amounts of aid there in the past.