Category: Weapon (miltary)
Size: 1ft
Weight: 10lbs
Value: 30,000 credits, rare

The gravity pulsar is a military-grade, highly dangerous weapon. It sends waves that create a gravity-reducing or heightening effect on the chosen subject. Rather than effect a wide range of an area, one can effectively target a subject with precision with this weapon.With a range of about 300ft, this weapon is ideal for military personal to catch criminals or enemies, slowing them down significantly - creating a force-field pulse that can be directed in a single line. The pulsar is used by a personal pointing at the subject and following their path, as accurately as possible, so that they may have a chance to be detained.

However, short term side-effects include dizziness, blurry vision, muscle spasms, constipation, and confusion. Long term side effects possibly include spinal shrinkage, memory loss, hair loss, IBS, and speech change. Because of this, It is advised not to use for more than 5 minutes on any particular subject. It has been studied to cause significant physiological and psychological damage if abused, and in some rare cases, death from organ collapse.