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Category: Commercial
Size: Average-sized saloon
Condition: 30 years old, worn
Inhabitants: VIGILANTES ONLY, Measles Mercer (bartender/owner)

On the vigilante outskirts of District 2 resides the town's local vigilantes-only saloon. A hive for heathens and a safe haven for scum, the saloon is a recreational hotspot for vigilantes between enacting violence. The owner and bartender of the saloon, Measles Mercer (Typhoid Mary Sue's uncle) makes a fair fortune from the returning patrons of Heathen Yard. It is the place to brag about recent killings, yuck it up with the local gun-toting riffraff, play billiards, and check the recent rankings of vigilantes on the Wall of Heathens (displaying scores for overall best vigilante, - currently Typhoid Mary Sue - best accuracy, and most kills). Measles Mercer also has a small office behind the bar where he writes and publishes monthly issues of the Chaos Catalogue, detailing the current rankings seen on the Wall of Heathens, and advertising vigilantes for hire, which are sent at the first of every month to the feudal lord. Brawls take place on the norm, and the loser of the fight has to pay for all damages to the saloon. Heathen Yard has a strict vigilantes-only policy, and wandering non-rogues best find another place to fancy a drink, Or else.