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Category: Baleshi
Size: Large storage room
Condition: Good
Inhabitants: Healers and their apprentices

This medical room is one of many spaces dedicated to the use of medicine and natural treatments aboard Holistic Aberrant. What separates this room from others is the presence of special stasis pods. Those who are too badly hurt or need a long recuperation time are brought here to be sealed in stasis. A 24/7 medical staff are always diligent about checking up on patients in case of a rapid change in condition.

This large room is lined wall to wall with these mysterious pods. In fact, the fleshy walls are the pods. A patient is prepared for stasis by first being laid upright against the wall. After a chemical marker is applied to the patient, the wall will slowly absorb the person. After being halfway absorbed, a clear membrane will seal over the patient tightly like saran wrap. Healers and their staff will wander around these plastic wrapped bodies and check their vitals. If a person were to die during stasis, the walls would detect this and slowly engulf the body, devouring it.