external image 10.jpg?i10c=img.resize%28height:160%29Category: Balesh
Size: Roughly 1/6 the size of the Alpha
Condition: Habitable, good health
Inhabitants: 5% of the population - medical staff, researchers, scientists, general maintenance workers

Holistic Aberrant is one of the smaller balesh. It is one of the healthier balesh of the pod and produces regenerative cells and plates. It has a very over active immune system and macrophages and very often excess of these are integrated into the systems of other balesh as needed. It houses most of the medical staff and researchers of the pod because of this, both those helping the balesh and those helping symbiotic species.

While all balesh have hospitals and other care places, prolonged, unique, or more serve cases are often placed here for more extensive care and research.

Higher education schools for scientific, medical, baleshi environmental, and similar fields are typically located here.

The ambient gas produced on Holistic Aberrant is typically very stimulating to the logical parts of the mind. Aberrant is also one of the louder baleshi, but does not speak very often.