external image Porta_profile.jpgCategory: Medical
Size: Large enough for a Macrophage to pass through (Big enough for a bus?)
Condition: Consistently healthy
Inhabitants: Uninhabited, serves as an airlock to transfer patients through

Given Holistic Aberrant's use as a medical facility, whenever a patient needs to be moved into ICU from another Balesh, they need to come through Holistic Aberrant's organic airlock nearest to the medical facilities. This airlock serves as a portus for macrophages to transfer patients into Holistic Aberrant's interior. As a macrophage approaches, the portus will open up, admit the incoming transfer and fill the chamber with breathable air before the macrophage's passengers disembark. Since this portus is the only one used for medical transfers, it's incredibly stable, and the rate at which it fills with gas is very consistent to avoid any major changes in pressure that the Macrophages would have trouble dealing with. This provides additional assurance that the patient will not be disturbed by any major environmental changes. Once the chamber is pressurized, and the Macrophage has been emptied of passengers, the passengers can pass through another smaller portus to access the walkways to the medical facilities. In order to keep patients in critical condition from being disturbed, the entire area has been flattened and cleared of any biological outcroppings for easier gurney navigation. Additionally, in order to avoid any foreign agents from falling off the ceiling onto a patient, the walls and ceilings of the walkways have been reinforced with a thin membrane that maintains a (relatively) clean and contaminant-free environment.