sample_pc.pngwoman.jpgame: Hwa Xiang
Age: 38
Sex: Female
Archetype: Acupuncturist
Location: Wanders the Centauris neighborhood
Affiliations: None
Disposition: Welcoming, friendly, eager, tidy

Character Background and Description
Even with only a blanket and several hundred surprisingly sterile needles to her name, Hwa Xiang sees herself as a helping hand, alleviating the suffering of those beyond relief or those looking for a bit of relaxation, and everyone in between. Her joyful demeanor and outgoing personality may unsettle those accustomed to an overall disappointing life, but most warm up to her, either before or after her treatment. Her acupuncture has an energizing if not rejuvenating effect on not only her customers but herself as well, because for some reason, despite her pure heritage, she remains completely free of the plague and unusually healthy. She often sits in a public area, her hundreds of needles laid out in the exact same order every time, offering her services for a sip of water or a spot of food. Disturbing the order of the needles is a dangerous mistake, and although she is a small woman, it is usually a bad idea to let one of her needles find a mark.