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Category: Medical
Size: Vials, Syringes
Weight: N/A
Value: $$$$$

Hydravir is an experimental antiviral medication administered directly to the bloodstream through injections or, more safely, via an IV drip. Hydravir is rarely used outside the ruling class, and its very existence is not common knowledge. The potent drug requires specialized equipment and highly trained professionals to produce it, and so it is imported in limited quantities, sometimes in secret.

Hydravir is uniquely the only known medication to treat the source of the viral infection, Hydroplague. It is rumored that at least one test subject was cured entirely during the drug's development, although the source of this information may not have been reputable.

Side effects include decreased appetite, bleeding from the gums, disturbed sleep patterns, nausea, increased aggressiveness and irritability. High dosages may result in delusions, extreme hyperactivity, and death.