Hydro-Free Delights.jpg
Category: Commercial
Size: 2000 sq ft
Condition: Clean and bright
Inhabitants: Annie Hayer (owner/head baker), bakers, cashiers, patrons

Hydro-Free Delights is a modern bakery run by Annie Hayer. She is one of the leaders of the Hydro-Free movement, a diet and lifestyle that cuts out water completely due to its questionable nature. Water in a person’s diet is replaced with fruits and fruit juices, vegetables like celery and cucumbers, and milk, while personal hygiene is kept using herbal gels and cleansers and item cleanliness is kept with waterless cleaners. Annie’s bakery is 100% water free, from the baked goods to the kitchen to the bathrooms.

The bakery serves all kinds of delights including different breads, muffins, cookies, pies, cakes, sweet rolls, and other various pastries. Everything is baked fresh ever morning, and special orders can be made. These baked goods are said to be rich and moist, which leads to the bakery’s very high esteem. The interior has large showcases for all the different baked goods available, which change daily. The walls are painted a bright yellow color with different painted features all around. The tables and chairs, a well-finished light wood, were handmade by Annie’s father. Small, colorful homemade centerpieces are located on every table, crafted by Annie herself.