Name: Ian McKinney external image BBC-Richard-Matt.jpg
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Archetype: Scumbag, local drunk
Location: Orths Square Apartments
Affiliations: McKinney family
Disposition: Mannerless, coward

Character Background and Description
Ian is the estranged middle child of an influential middle class family. Currently, Ian lives in an apartment paid for by his sister (who also provides him with food) out of pity, but the two rarely communicate directly. Ian spends most of his time calling out racist and sexist slurs to patrons of The Open Market, but most people ignore him.

Growing up as the "forgotten" child and a stereotypical bully, Ian never made lasting childhood friendships. Although never contracting the plague, in his adolescence Ian abused medications and alcohol quite heavily. In his early 20's Ian was responsible for the death of the daughter of another influential clan, but Ian denies knowledge of the incident. Despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt, Ian was never charged with a crime.

Since the incident, Ian has been effectively excluded from family affairs and is considered to be an embarrassment to the otherwise well-to-do McKinney clan. He often touts his name in front of lower class individuals and maintains an arrogant attitude in spite his social insignificance.

Ian is a coward when confronted, and has managed to rack up a large number of enemies throughout Columbus. It is only a matter of time before he pushes someone far enough to retaliate.