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Category: Industrial, Clothing
Size: Small
Weight: Around 5 pounds
Value: Uncommon

Steel toed boots are somewhat of a luxury item. They are commonly used by dock workers, construction workers, other heavy duty jobs and sometimes by vigilantes. Due to the complicated nature of supporting the steel toe cap safely inside the boot, boots such as this are not contemporary made. While they are a great safety item though, their relative value means that many laborers can't normally afford them.

This specific pair of steel toed boots were passed down the line of vigilantes and called Ironclad Tapshoes. They are very worn, the steel tow show through. The laces have been replaced a number of times, most recently with tanned leather strips. They generally smell like garlic and sweat and the inside lining has been kept very soft. A previous owner carved the word "iron" into the leather of the left heel. It's unclear why the term tap shoes was applied to these boots, but they do make a rather nice metal clanking noise when kicking hard objects.