6ip5j8A5T.jpgName: Isaac Meshia
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Archetype: Assistant boatbuilder
Location: The Slums
Affiliations: None
Disposition: Conformist

Of medium height. In shape from work in the boat yard, but scarred and covered in boils from the plague. He also carries a limp from when he escaped the gang purging. Isaac has messy light-brown hair, a thin face, and a quick smile.

Character Background
Isaac grew up in the Slums, while suffering the scarring and sickness that scarcity of legitimate medicine brings on. Despite all this, he managed to keep the sunny disposition that only a child can. Isaac's parents died when he was still young. His mother passed away from the plague when he was eight, and his father committed suicide a few months later.

Having no family and nowhere else to go, Isaac joined one of the two roving child gangs, called the Foxes (the other was known as the Hounds), and learned how to truly survive on the streets; picking pockets, mugging lone travelers as a group, and always on the lookout for medicine and other rations when they weren't skirmishing with the Hounds. He lived like this for roughly five years, viciously scrapping by, but always managing to keep a smiling face and easy laugh around the other kids. Unfortunately, a particularly nasty group of hired muscle was sent into the slums to clean up the two rowdy gangs, while steering clear of the established ones, of course.

The vigilantes had been paid well, and chosen for a lack of any sort of morality. They were well-equipped and had no qualms about using that equipment to its fullest, terrible extent. Needless to say, it was a bloodbath. For every child that managed to quietly crawl away, three others were mercilessly killed.

Traumatized, and injured near death, Isaac was found by a kindly old man who brought him in to his house. Almost absurdly, he nursed the boy back to health, using a large portion of his private medicine stash in the process. Feeling eternally grateful for the rescue, Isaac promised to go to work in the shipyard and repay the man, who introduced himself as Bob Deleway.

Two years later however, Bob went out in the middle of the night, and never came back. He left a note for Isaac that told him the house was now his, and to stay out of trouble, but that was all. With nowhere else really to go, Isaac remained at the house, and has lived there now for sixteen years.

He doesn't make much from his job as a shipbuilder's assistant though, and so can barely afford to both keep himself healthy and maintain the house he was given. He does what he can though.

He's made some friends over at Best Boat's, and to them, he seems to be the life of the party; always quick with a joke or ready to break out into a smile at any moment. The truth though, is that Isaac hasn't smiled, really smiled, in a long time.