0cd58fc38fbd8e950c91262c6b566371.jpgName: Jaccob Glunner
Age: 40
Sex: Male
Archetype: Explorer
Location: Overgrowth
Disposition: Friendly, Overbearing, Intense, Paternalistic
Health: Poor
Wealth: Very Poor

Jaccob Glunner

Jaccob runs a service of escorting the unfamiliar through the thick of the overgrowth. His services began 20 years before present day, when a friend requested assistance braving the Overgrowth after a duo of explorers went missing in the thick brush only days earlier. Due to Jaccob’s familiarity with the overgrowth throughout his entire life, he was able to successfully guide his friend through without a hitch. The possibilities of making a living dawned on Jaccob, and he was running the service ever since. The ruling party of Columbus honors Jaccob for his services, providing food and water. Regardless of all this, Jaccob chooses to live simply among the overgrowth, though his health is beginning to slow him down, he just puts a little more effort into his duties. He cant last like this for long, though.


The loss of his parents at a young age left him to fend for himself among the lunatics of the slums district. The Overgrowth served as a safer place to live in the end, and he moved himself out into the brush. He survived on rainwater, and stealing food whenever he could. He lives in a small hut at the base of the Overgrowth, where travelers can pay barter with him for safe passage.


Jaccob stands at 6’2”. His looks defy his age, appearing gruff and weathered like an old man, but only closing in on 40. From his years of looking out for others and taking he reigns on dangerous situations, Jaccob has developed a protective, fatherly, almost condescending demeanor which he brings with him on his trips. He often fills the quiet during the travels with stories of his past missions; of fools who wandered off the trail and got eviscerated. When alone, he often wonders if there’s more for him to be doing then simply sitting idle waiting for the next person who needs his help. Sometimes he catches himself wishing for something terrible to come along and uproot him and the rest of Columbus, so he could have an excuse to head out, and explore and conquer elsewhere.