sample_pc.pngName: Jade Peritz article-2551241-1B2E3C9E00000578-754_306x418.jpg
Age: 41
Sex: Female
Archetype: (laborer, scholar, etc.): Criminal, extortionist
Location: Lower class areas, The Stop
Affiliations: (if any faction, group, etc.): Lower class and criminals
Disposition: Difficult

Character Background and Description

Jade Peritz gets what she wants. There isn’t time for waiting in district 6, you either die or you thrive. She doesn’t have time to think about what other people want, only what she needs. If the conversation isn’t about something that benefits her she is likely to walk away. Her health is starting to go downhill, and the exhaustion of the disease is kicking in. She knows that she has to expend her energy carefully on only what matters.

As a young girl Jade caught the hydroplague. It ravaged her body with aches, boils, and sores. Her grotesque appearance was off-putting to most, and people strayed away from her to let her die alone. At one point boils had grown so big on her face that she couldn’t open her eyes. This was the experience that shaped her life most dramatically.

Through willpower she overcame the disease and became healthier. She stole what she needed and fought tooth and nail (literally) if it came to it. As the years continued she never gained complete health, but fluctuated between being extremely sick and moderately sick. As time went on she gained wisdom and new ways to achieve what she needs for survival, extortion. She has made contacts within The Stop and selectively uses them to extort those that go there. She doesn’t want the owners of the establishment to know what she is doing, so she picks only the most lucrative targets.

She has an old disposable camera with 12 pictures left that she uses to threaten those caught in the act. If they don’t get her food, water, and medicine she gets the film developed. Oddly enough, she has never had to get the film developed in all the 5 times she has done this. She generally asks for a few gallons of clean water a month, 10 pills, and a few pounds of food. If she makes her claims too outrageous then they won’t be able to continue getting her it. If someone stops sending her the goods, she stops by their house for a visit. She may bring a few friends who will gladly help her out for a bottle of water or a pill. She isn’t a negotiator, if someone tries to bargain then she firmly moves the offer in her direction.