external image Mark_Magaa.jpgName: Jeremy Hilder
Age: 48
Sex: Male
Archetype: Businessman/ Trader
Location: Centaurus Neighborhood, Hydro-Free Delights, Columbus Public Library
Affiliations: Hilder Trade LLC.
Disposition: Grim

Character Background and Description
Jeremy Hilder resides in the Centaurus Neighborhood with his lover Maria, their son Brett, and their daughter Mia. Brought up in Columbus by his parents, he was lucky enough to be born into the upper class of the town. He followed in his father's footsteps in the trade industry, sitting in on negotiations as young as 14. When his father passed away, Jeremy took over and expanded the business to settlements further out. He is currently very well off and is a respected contributor to the community. When he has free time he likes to visit Hydro-Free Delights, a business he has loaned money to seeing it as a worthwhile endeavor. He also loves the food there. He also takes time to visit the Columbus Public Library with his children when he can and read through old world books. He has been with his lover Maria for about 12 years now. They enjoy each others company immensely. Jeremy's time is taken up a lot by his business with trade, but he tries to spend as much time as he can with his kids. He has even started breaking Brett and Mia into what the trade does.

Although Jeremy's life seems like one everyone in Columbus would wish for, he has been somewhat different over the past few months. Through contacts he had made in the trade he was able to sneak off to Omaha for a few days when he felt that something was wrong. The medical treatments offered there are much better than that of Columbus. He went to see a doctor who broke the news to him that he has, what they called in the old world, cancer. There is no treatment available for it. Although in its early stages, Jeremy will keep getting sicker. This sickness is a gloom over Jeremy's life. He has not told anyone, but the change in his demeanor can be felt. His attitude that was once so sure of what the future held has been broken down into uncertainty. What will happen to his children? His business? Could he be ostracized from the community that sees most harsh sickness as a problem for the lower classes? These are the questions Jeremy asks himself everyday, now that his cancer is beginning to get worse.