sample_pc.pngsheriff.pngName: Jerome "Soup Nazi" Gravels
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Archetype: Vigilante
Location: The Old Fount
Affiliations: Hired Vigilantes
Disposition: Sharp-eyed, Insightful, No-nonsense, Short-tempered

Character Background and Description
If you've run afoul of the government and had your water shut off, you're already in deep shit. For your penal ration, you have to go to The Old Fount, under the care of Soup Nazi Jerome, which does not better your situation in the slightest. Dropped off as an infant on the doorstep of moderately well-off commoner Daniel Gravels, Jerome was raised in a caring household, perhaps too caring, for Daniel Gravels did little to stop the local ne'er-do-wells from stealing from his water storage. When Jerome became old enough to intervene, he found himself in a number of brawls both in The Cage and outside it. The last straw was drawn when the last of his water was lost to the thievery of these hooligans. Forced to scavenge for water, it wasn't long before Daniel Gravels contracted the plague, soon after dying to an infection brought on by a mishap with a boil scooper. Becoming infuriated, a young Jerome took to the streets for a very short time, before being apprehended by a vigilante. The struggle was fierce, so fierce that the vigilante decided to consider Jerome for vigilante training. Jerome passed with flying colors, earning him a 1911 and a position guarding the Old Fount. His past encounters with water thieves motivated him to be a ruthless enforcer of this position. Proficient in kickboxing from his time on the streets as well as vigilante training, he takes pride in laying out anyone who would attempt to steal even one extra drop of water for their penal ration. His time as a vigilante has made him keen to detect body language and subtle hints to a person's motives, which he uses to his advantage both on and off duty. Unlike many other vigilantes, he does not care to throw his weight around or bully those beneath his station, he appears to adhere to some level of morality. A streak of mercy is buried deep within him from his childhood life, though attempting to exploit it will likely earn a "swift trip to dreamland," as he prefers to call it, and anything from approaching within arms reach of the Old Fount without a penal ration card, to addressing him by his affectionate title of 'Soup Nazi' (though he is secretly amused to no end by it) could earn someone one of these vacations.