Cs13.JPGategory: Medical
Size: Small beaker
Weight: 50g
Value: Expensive to military, free to nonmilitary


Stimulant gas from Holistic Aberrant, the Balesh ship, this highly-prized chemical enhances the mind as a whole. It improves concentration, logical thinking, reasoning, and stability. It is believed that this allows the inhaler to attune to the mind of Holistic Aberrant, and those working on sensitive or difficult tasks will keep vials for use.

It is also extremely valuable to military programmers, since producing VR tech is such a lucrative business. These programmers can, however, get addicted, which - when they run out of supply - become extremely poor at their work, unable to concentrate, and unhappy. The chemical is banned in the military, so those interested have to travel to either the Baleshi or the asteroid in order to get their fix. The black market has an entire warehouse devoted to Baleshi chem trades, and this is at a premium ever since the nonmilitary banned its export.

Those who live or work in Holistic Aberrant are constantly steeped in it, so they are usually brought up as medics, researchers, or leaders.