Name: Laura Warnerexternal image a633e35786b55814ba6acf8ef9c32d86.jpg
Age: 32
Sex: Female
Archetype: Laborer
Location: Ground Transportation District, The Stop, Garaway's House of Fortune, Columbus Public Library
Affiliations: None
Disposition: Hypocritical

Character Background and Description
Laura Warner lives in the middle class district of Columbus on 34th Avenue. She is of average health and spends most of her days working in the Ground Transportation District. When resources come into town from Omaha or any other nearby town, she is part of the group that unloads it and checks that everything is accounted for. She also helps prepare resources to be exported out of town. Laura is a very outgoing person and likes her to spend her free time Garaway's House of Fortune and the Columbus Public Library. When she is home, she enjoys experimenting with different types of cooking. With the limits the food of the day brings, cooking requires her to get creative with what ingrediants she has at her disposal. She is much more involved in the life of the town than her brother Max. Occasionally, she will go to his house and try to convince him to get out and enjoy some of life's pleasures. Laura also takes the trip to the edge of the Lower Class District to enjoy life's pleasures at The Stop. Along with being outgoing, Laura is also free spirited. She likes to be able to choose who she can be intimate with without the judgement of others. The Stop allows her to do this. Whether they carry the Hydroplague or don't, if Laura wants someone, she will have them. Although she has been with many men who possibly could carry the plague, she stills lives her life in middle class society. She enjoys the perks of being able to come back to her home on 34th, a small modest home right on the corner. Who wouldn't right?