external image drink.jpgName: Louis "Lazy Louie" Kingsley
Age: 50
Sex: Male
Archetype: Vagrant
Location: District 6
Affiliations: (Formerly) Omaha Jazz Quartet
Disposition: Lazy
Motivation: Finding The Very Last Bottle of Wine Ever, recovering his stolen trombone (eventually)
Health: Average Health
Economic Class: Very Poor

Character Background and Description
A former musician long past his glory days, Louie used to play for the then-famed Omaha Jazz Quartet over three decades ago, where he blazed the stage with his trombone, Helga. A series of bad career decisions have found him stationed penniless in Columbus, the backwater slum favelas of District 6, no less. While he still had his trombone, he would play impromptu songs at the Mudgapper Pub for donations. Spending entirely too many wasted evenings at the pub, he traded what little resources he had to himself in exchange for illegal drugs, which he partook in on the regular. More recently, he has traded up his harrowing addiction (which he still relapses from, time to time) for becoming the district drunkard, gorging himself on leftover imitation bourbon milk left on the tables at Mudgapper. His greatest possession, his trombone, was stolen by a vigilante one evening, after an unsuccessful set at the Pub. He cherishes that trombone more than anything, and swears he will one day pry it from the hands of that foul vigilante...eventually...if he ever gets around to it. His lazy demeanor is further accentuated by his foul stench that can be smelled from many street blocks away. He has an insatiable palette for anything that will get him drunk, and he is currently tantalized by the prospect of someday finding The Very Last Bottle of Wine Ever, though the whispers at Mudgapper Pub may not always be the most reliable source.