Category: Commercial Location
Size: Small shop
Condition: well kept, clean, freshly painted
Inhabitants: Owners and patrons

Life-Savers is a shop for all the basic health needs for any individual. It started selling medications commonly found in pre-apocalypse drug stores but soon those goods became scarce. They now sell alcohol, water, tobacco, food, fragrances, herbal remedies, and expensive pre-apocalypse goods like cough syrup, clothing, allergy medication, shaving cream, magazines and candy.

The first thing someone will notice about this shop is how clean it is kept. The large windows are washed and the wooden trimming is freshly painted white. It also wears a proud banner that says “We save the children, will you?” referencing that they frequently donate their surplus stock to children in the lower class areas. This surplus stock is generally low cost items that have nearly spoiled on the shelves. It is a shop that caters to the well-off who can afford the luxuries that they sell. Any pre-apocalypse good is in high demand, so they charge prices just as high. They have painted wooden shelves 3-4 feet tall that hold all the goods within eyesight of the counter.

The décor contains promotional items for a lot of brands, giving it a sense of a mystical shop unaffected by the downward spiral of humanity. Many children wandering by look at it in awe, but only the children of wealthy parents would dare to enter.