d602fc0f04ca95d613a7b802588037f2.jpgName: Lista Moore
Age: 44
Sex: Female
Location: Upper Class District, often visits Hydro-Free Delights
Affiliations: Traditionalists
Disposition: Charismatic

Character Background and Description
Lista Moore is the matriarch of her family. The Moores have been in Columbus for a very, very long time, even before the apocalypse, they like to claim. While Lista is sometimes vain, she is far from petty. She is a very charismatic individual, a great speaker and well versed in swaying people to her own opinion. She is a traditionalist, very devoted to the Caduceus. She attends worship services and very often will visit some of the poorer neighborhoods and give out purified water to young children and the elderly, those who cannot work. It does not matter if they are sick or not, but it is her way of offering to the god and to the people and her way of spreading the will of the Caduceus to others.

She has two children, and another two who did not survive birth. Her husband has long since passed away. She very tightly monitors her family, from her son and daughter to her cousins and their children. She likes to be aware of what is going on in all of their lives, ensuring everything from typical hangouts to relationships do not disrupt the face of the family. More importantly, however, she is struggling to deal with signs of the Hydroplague, or at least what she believes might be it. She has been somewhat pale and sickly and not had much appetite and fears the medication she takes make not be enough, or may be false.

Lista is slightly overweight, making her a very round and curvy woman, but her features are more handsome than beautiful. She wears dresses, an aspect of the previous age, and adores thingamabobs and whatsits from the past. She keeps her faded red hair very long and loose and strikes a overly dramatic figure that often clashes with her more genuine and almost down to earth demeanor.