Name: Jack Voit
Age: 24
Sex: M
Archetype: Laborer
Location: Wade's Widgets
Affiliations: Neutral
Disposition: "Les Mak Muney!"

Character Background and Description
Jack is a very strange anomaly that happened to pop up in the town of Columbus. Jack was founded by the Owner of Wade's World Bar n' Grill, Wade, around the age of twelve and was brought in and taken care of since Wade noticed Jack looked very sickly and wounded. Ever since then Wade and Jack were always together running Wade's Establishments with his seven cats. Jack has been working with now now for almost twelve years now and has been widely accepted by not only Wade, but by the people of Columbus as well. Jack originally was a child who was separated from his parents at an early age, exposing him to the harsh encounters and environments the wasteland holds. As he slowly grew, his communication skills and appearance degraded, but at the same time his survival intuition, awareness, and resistance to the harshness of the wasteland grew in strength. This has made Jack very nimble and light footed, giving him a very big sneaking advantage and with the help from Wade; Jack has learned to break into locked containers or doors that may or may not contain loot or more beer. Nobody knows about Wade and Jack's thievery relationship, but only the relationship they have as father and son. After working with Wade at Wades Bar n' Grill and Wade's Widgets, Jack has improved his social skills minimally, but he has still improved and is willing to continue. For his appearances on the other hand, lets just saying there ain't no mirrors Wade's house.