Name: Louisa Abernathyexternal image woman-918616_960_720.jpg
Age: 27
Sex: female
Archetype: prostitute
Location:5th Street Flea Market
Affiliations: none
Disposition: Flamboyant

Character Background and Description
Louisa Abernathy is a young prostitute who lives near the flea market where she works the streets. She is a woman of mostly pure blood, though her lineage is uncertain at best. She is of short stature, and of Caucasian heritage, with plain features often done up heavily with makeup. She wears lots of cheap jewelry that jangles when she walks to signify her position. Though many prostitutes utilize their skills for breeding purposes, Louisa has been infertile since childhood due to a simple infection that could not be cured without the expensive medicine that her parents could not afford. Her parents passed away when she was seventeen, and she was left alone. With no other skills to speak of, she turned to a life of prostitution. Though she is not the most beautiful girl walking the streets, her personality and confidence draws people to her. Louisa is one of the few that enjoys her work, and loves putting herself out there. She has made many friends and acquaintances by walking the streets, but she does wish for the static family life that she lost, including a husband and children, which will be impossible to obtain in this society due to her infertility. She is often hustled by vigilantes and other common folk because she works without bringing the benefit of more children to society. Louisa firmly believes that she is beneficial in bringing joy to others. She has a cheery nature, and will often chat up people she meets to be friendly.