Category: Residentialexternal image 1412662427182_wps_58_real_estate_run_down_hous.jpg
Size: size of an average suburban house
Condition: Rundown but operable
Inhabitants: Mad Maggie and Chip

Mad Maggie’s wayhouse is where people passing through can stop to board for the night. It is the house where Maggie was born, and she’s lived there ever since, never having children until the remainder of her family died off. She charges a single water ration for a night’s stay, which includes a bowl of her famous stew in the morning. The house is run down but clean, and it is pleasant if one does not mind Maggie wandering the halls at night muttering to herself. All manners of people have passed through, from drifters to fugitives to people simply longing for a place to sleep. Maggie will even allow the infected to stay there, which is a tacit understanding between her and her guests. She lives with Chip, a young infected boy who assists with the chores and keeping the wayhouse running. The place often smells odd due to the strange food items Maggie sometimes boils for her stews.