Mama Sousa's Home.jpg
Category: Residential
Size: 300 sq ft
Condition: Cluttered
Inhabitants: Mama Sousa, patients

Mama Sousa is known as the medicine woman of the favelas. As people in this area cannot generally afford doctors, she is often turned to for her special sort of herb-based medical assistance and guidance. Her home is small, cluttered with many different pots of strange herbs, warming lamps and candles, bedrolls for visitors, chests and random boxes of who knows what, and general clutter her family of hoarders has passed down through generations. Tapestries and rugs are found all over the walls and floors, and in the corner there is a small cot covered in musty blankets and pillows. A small table with a crystal ball and some bleached bones sits prominently in the middle of the room. Bells and beads hang from the doorway and windows that clink and chime with the gentle wind. The whole place is dimly and eerily lit, and there is always some sort of smoke or vapor filling the small home. The room always smells of different herbs and spices.