Mama Sousa Base.jpgName: Mama Sousa
Age: 45
Sex: Female
Archetype: Medicine woman
Location: Mama Sousa's Home
Health: Average
Affiliations: (if any faction, group, etc.):
Disposition: Uncomplaining, motherly, helpful

Character Background and Description
Marilee Sousa, most widely known as Mama Sousa, is a prominent medicine woman among the lower class. She lives in the favelas, one level up from ground level. As a young girl she was wracked with pain from the Hydroplague, causing her to develop rashes and boils all over her back and impaired vision in her left eye, in addition to constant fevers and coughs. With her ancestors primarily hailing from Haiti, she didn't have the most diverse genes (although they were better than those of some other people). Growing up so close to Fountain Square, she would often go and pick herbs and weeds from the overgrown town center for fun. Her family could only afford medicine or food, not both, and they generally chose food first. Her mother made cooling salves to rub on Marilee's back to soothe the pain, but they did not cure her.

As Marilee grew up, she began to experiment with different herbal remedies. She made salves, tinctures, powders, decoctions, oils, creams... her home became overrun with different pots, plants, tools, and heat sources. By the age of 35, she had found ways to "cure" her Hydroplague, or at least the symptoms. Her health rose greatly, and others began to notice. Other people started to come to her for herbal remedies for themselves, and she willingly traded with them. Upon finding terribly ill people on the streets, she started to take them into her home to try to lessen their pain and care for them. Many people started owing their improving health to Mama Sousa.

Mama Sousa was always wrapped up in her healing, never going out to try to make friends or meet people. She was focused on taking care of the people of the lower class who believed in her remedies, and saw them as her family and children. Perhaps it is her motherly nature that make people think she's so much older than she is, or perhaps its the scars from her childhood sickness or the bags under her eyes. She doesn't mind, though; she's quite happy being the caretaker of so many people.

When not healing others or experimenting with plants, Mama Sousa attempts to read her mother's old crystal ball and bones. Growing up she could never understand the process, but watching her mother made her determined to keep trying.