Name: Marlene Dutch external image pre-teen-girl-big-sun-glasses-looking-down-wet-hair-towel-wrapped-DBB96F.jpg
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Archetype: Child
Location: Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
Affiliations: (if any faction, group, etc.): None
Disposition: Presumptuous

Character Background and Description

Marlene is a rather obnoxious child, but some find it endearing. She likes to butt in to other people’s business and often make things worse. Most don’t fault her though, a child of 13 who had to raise herself wouldn’t have learned any real lessons on being polite. Often Marlene likes to hang around Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum and tinker with his stuff. Most often breaking the things she plays with. Marvin’s learned to hide the expensive stuff from her inquisitive gaze. Marlene has had a rough childhood bouncing between people who would care for her and eventually at the age of 11 she decided to run away and just live on the streets. She sustains herself through hand outs and doing the odd job or two. People of the neighborhood decided they would collectively watch out for her, keep her out of trouble. A few months back she decided to mess with some drug traders by hiding their inventory. That was probably the closest Marlene had ever come to being killed. Luckily people like Marvin and the rest of the neighborhood had gathered by that point and formed a ring around these drug traders. But boy did she get a scolding. Nearly everyone lined up in order to give her a verbal thrashing, one at a time.

Marlene is a short but hyper 13 year old with long black hair and brown eyes. Her favorite activities include getting in to arguments and causing trouble with others. She does have a sweet childlike charm to her that seems to be her only saving grace. Lack of wealth and medicine means she is in relatively poor health, but she would never let anyone know when she isn’t feeling well.