Category: Commercial
Size: 200 sq ft
Condition: Messy
Inhabitants: Marvin

Run by Marvin Conway, a older man who loves artifacts, gadgets, and tinkers. Marvin buys and sells everything from signs, doll legs, children's toys, jump ropes, windup robots, and thing-a-ma-bobs. Marvin believes that all trash is treasure in disguise. Many items in the shop were acquired from the End of Days Mausoleum.

The shop is overflowing with stuff, as with most "antique shops," it is hard to find anything unless you ask Marvin himself: he knows exactly where everything you could ever need or want is. There is a record player constantly playing old-world records, which are pretty rare. You can go there to experience the world as it used to be, get your fortune told, play an old arcade game, and buy decorations and toys for your home. Marvin's is a popular destination for older folks and is also loved by children who are curious about the past.